Wired Internet Service

Internet service is vitally important to almost all businesses these days.  Electronic communication is the order of the day.  E-mail is the preferred method of correspondence for almost everyone.  Web sites are our main means of getting information about companies and products.  Even our shopping and banking are done on-line.

There are basically two ways to get Internet service at your business.  One is via some wired method, either cable or DSL.  Our experience with DSL is extensive.  We have had three different DSL providers.  A number of our clients use DSL.  We have not found DSL to as fast or as reliable as cable service.

Our current provider is Comcast cable.  Our speed is 20 Mbs (megabits per second), compared to the fastest DSL available in our area of 6 Mbs.  The reliability can't be beat.  Our uptime is almost 100%.  It is rare indeed for our cable service to be out.

I know the reputation that cable companies in general and Comcast has in particular.  Pay that no mind.  That is for their television service.  The Internet service is handled by a different group, and I am quite happy with that service.  Plus, with Business Class service, you get priority support.

We highly recommend Comcast Business Class service for your Internet needs.  We would offer that service on our web site, if they would allow it.  But they don't, so the best that we can do is provide the recommendation, and the link to connect to them.  Try Comcast.

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