Web Site Design

Web sites are an integral part of business today.  No one takes you seriously without a web site.  It is an indispensible advertising tool that lets the public know who you are, and what you do.

Web site design is an art. Your website is often where your customers get their first impression of your company...and you know what they say about first impressions.  Good websites attract customers, and build a positive image of your company.  Amateurish, weak websites will drive your customers away to your competition.  We employ talented graphic designers, and expert web designers to produce websites that are attractive and inviting.

Your web site should do several things.  The first is to introduce the prospective customer to your company.  It should be attractive and easy to navigate, to keep that customer on your site.  And it should induce that customer to buy something from you.  If your web site isn't doing that, it isn't doing its job.  Let us create you a site, or revamp your existing site, so that your business can thrive.

We have experience in static web sites (electronic brochures, if you will), dynamic sites that build pages on the fly, secure web sites that use virtually uncrackable encryption, and e-commerce sites for selling over the Internet.  Contact us, and let us build you a web site.

Look at some of the sites that we have built and maintain for our clients:

People's Baptist Church

Galilean Baptist Church

Jeanette Peppers, CPA

McMahan Shoes