IP TelephoneWe offer IP telephone systems to small businesses.  These systems are powerful, with most features that are available from any other system, but at a fraction of the cost of most systems.  These systems are computer based, and use the Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate.  All communication is digital, not analog.  For a description of what an IP telephone system is, click here.  For a description of the hardware involved, click here.

Most telephone systems cost many thousands of dollars.  We question what the buyer is getting for his money.  The hardware is not that sophisticated, nor expensive.  We have put together a system that is affordable (see our Business Case), and is just as powerful as the more expensive systems.  In fact, the software that is driving it is probably the same software!  Our system starts, with four phones, for just $2000.  That includes the IP PBX computer, the software, four IP telephones, and a POE switch.  It also includes configuration of up to four SIP trunks, and configuration of the telephones.  What we send to you is the complete system, with all of the necessary hardware except for the cabling, all of the set-up done, and ready to install and run.  All you have to do is to connect the devices with Cat 5 cabling (normal computer network cabling) and boot it up.  We send complete instructions on how to do that.  If you are in the Atlanta area, we can also come and set it up for you, at our normal billing rate.

Need more phones?  We can provide as many phones as you need.  The basic IP PBX unit is the same.  Multiple POE switches may become necessary, but the cost of adding additional phones is around $150 per phone.  Additional SIP lines can be added for a nominal fee.  They can even be added easily later, when your business grows!

If you don't want SIP lines, or don't have the high-speed Internet access, you can still use an IP PBX from ProComp Computer Services, Inc.  We can provide PSTN adapters to connect to the standard analog phone lines, or adapters to TI or ISDN lines.