History of ProComp Computer Services, Inc.

ProComp Computer Services, Inc. was started in 1982 by the two present owners, when the President received her Master of Business Administration, Information Sciences from Georgia State University.  Believing that computers were the wave of the future at that time, we began to offer consulting services to the business community.  Our aim was, and still is,  to assist business owners in making the best computing choices from the available options.

This business model was quickly expanded to include custom programming for the recently introduced Apple /// computer.  The Apple /// was an excellent business tool, that was plagued by early manufacturing problems and an early demise when Apple decided to develop the MacIntosh.

When the IBM PC was introduced, we expanded into that market, and abandoned the dying Apple platform.  With the introduction of the PC, there arose a market for providing repairs and upgrades.  This became and still is the core of our business.

Since we had access to the distribution channel for computers and computer parts needed for our service business, we began offering computers to our customer base.  As those computers evolved, we have kept up with the market, offering laptop computers and, recently, netbooks. We, as a rule, don't offer our computers to the general public, but only to our customers. Our customers don't buy on price, but buy from us for the reliability, and the confidence that we can service the computer.

Along the way, we learned to build web sites, and we started to offer domain name registration and web hosting.

In recent times, we have expanded our offerings into the telephone field.  Our first foray into this field was with the Microsoft Response Point IP telephony solution.  This is a very nice system, utilizing Microsoft's excellent voice recognition software to operate the telephones.  Unfortunately, it never met the feature set expectations, and was recently discontinued by Microsoft.  Using the experience that we gained with Response Point, we added Asterisk-based IP PBX's to our offerings.  Asterisk is an open-source software that we install on base stations that we build.  We now offer Polycom and Cisco phones for use with these systems.  Since IP telephony needs Internet access to be fully functional, we have started to offer that service as a compliment to the telephones.

What does the future hold?  Who knows?  But you can be assured that ProComp Computer Services, Inc. will be there.  We will keep up with the technology and offer the services that our customers need and want.  Try us.  You'll like us.