Computer Hardware

HardwareThough service is our primary business, we also sell hardware.  Our prices are not necessarily the cheapest that you can find, but sometimes they are.  We have low overhead, and small profit margins.  We do not sell in mass, like some vendors do, but sell to our customer's specific needs.  We build our computers to meet the requirements that you have, not to meet some demographic median.  We also don't install junk software.  The only things that will come installed are the things that you order.  We build to order, so it will take us a day or two to get it together, sometimes even longer for unusual requests, but it will be built with care, from the highest quality components we can find.  Your business depends on your computers, and you can depend on our products.

Desktop Computers

Our desktop computers are built with the office environment in mind.  We don't build consumer computers, and try to push them into the office.  They come with Windows 7 Professional, so they are ready to be networked, and they are ready to join your domain.  We strive to build them quiet, so that they won't disturb your work or your customers.  We use large, quiet fans, quiet power supplies, and quiet CPU coolers.  We usually use fanless video adapters.  Our cases are designed to isolate the hard drives, so that their vibration won't be transmitted to the case, and be amplified by the metal case drumming.  The motherboards are high end products, with thicker copper traces and solid dielectric capacitors, to minimize the likelihood of failure.  All components are industry standard parts, so that they are easily repaired, should the unthinkable happen.  We build with quality in mind, so that you can rely on our computers.  


Servers are the heart of any network, and their are the heart of your business, too.  If a server fails, then you will be out of business until it is up an running again.  Your server needs to be built from the finest components that you can get.  We use Intel® products to build our servers.   We utilize Xeon® processors to provide the power and reliability that you need.  The processors are placed on Intel motherboards, guaranteeing high quality and compatibility.  Memory is from Kingston, Crucial, or Micron, with all memory certified by Intel, to ensure that the memory, motherboard, and CPU all work together.  Finally, we put it all in an Intel case, because they build fine cases.  The end product is a server that you can bank on.


We can provide laptops either of two ways.  We sell pre-configured laptops from top name vendors like Lenovo, Acer, Asus, MSI, and others.  The only problem with them is, what you see is what you get.  There are very few options that the buyer can take.  We also sell configurable notebooks, where we can select the CPU, the memory, the hard drive, and the optical drive.  These are built on chassis from Intel, so they are high quality computers.

Other Hardware

Routers, switches, cabling, printers, whatever your computing hardware needs, we can provide it.  If we can't get it, we will tell you where you can.  Our goal is that your needs be met.

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Whether you need one computer or a hundred, we can satisfy your needs.  Give us a try, and I am sure you will like us.