Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are the mainstay of our, and probably, your, business.Desktop computers are the mainstay of our business.  They probably are of yours, too.  It is amazing how dependent we have become on these marvelous, but frustrating machines.

When you look for a new desktop computer, you want one that is reliable, quiet, and suitable to the tasks at hand.  You don't need a cannon when you are trying to kill a fly.  You also don't need something too lightweight to do the job.  What you want is a computer that will enable you to do your work, that will last for some time, and that will be trouble free.  When we build your computer, this is our aim, too.

We don't build computers by the hundreds of thousands, putting in what most consumers want, and loading them up with trial software.  Each computer is built to order, with the user's needs foremost.  Our computers may cost a few dollars more, because we strive for quality, not for a mass market.  When you build in huge numbers, every few cents that you can save adds up to big dollars, so the mass marketers cut every corner they can get away with.  We build computers with quality components, like Gigabyte motherboards, that have double the thickness of copper, to lower the resistance, giving off less heat, and giving faster response.  We also use quiet components.  Our power supplies and cooling fans are especially chosen for low noise.  Our cases are selected for having isolators that prevent the hard drive from passing vibration to the case, and increasing noise.  When we build a computer, we build it for your particular need, with the power that you need, with the accessories that you need, and with the software that you need.  We don't load it up with accessories and software that will not help your business, just because it is easier for us.

We recommend Windows 7 Professional for all of our desktop computers.  We love Windows 7. It is the best thing that Microsoft has put out in a long time.  The professional version has the networking capabilities that workplace environments need, and are missing from Home Premium.  But unlike mass marketers, we are flexible.  We will install whatever operating system you desire on your new computer.  You are in charge of what you get.  You don't have to just take what you can get off of the shelf.

Shuttle Atom powered computer.We are excited about a new product here in our offices, an Atom powered mini computer.  It is approximately 10"x6"x1.5", and packs a full-featured computer into a small space.  It utilizes a dual-core version of the Intel Atom processor that powers the popular netbooks, the little notebook computers.  It can hold up to 4 GB of memory, and has room for one 2.5 inch hard drive.  It has a DVD-RW drive, a built-in Intel graphics chip, and a built-in network interface.  Add a keyboard, mouse and monitor, and you are ready to work.  These computers were designed for Windows 7, and come with all of the necessary drivers for it.  The case is designed for fanless operation, so there is no problem with dust being drawn in, and they are virtually silent.  There is even an optional bracket that allows it to be mounted on the back of a monitor, creating an all-in-one appearance, without the drawbacks of everything being in one unit.  If you have need for a computer that is capable, but don't need heavy duty power, look at this one.  For e-mail, web surfing, light to moderate word processing, and other less intensive computing tasks, this little powerhouse is ideal.