Consulting Services

Do you wonder what kind of computing system you should have?  Do you need a network?  A server?  Multiple servers?  Should you buy that $30,000 high end package, or can you get just about everything you need in a box down at the software store for $295?

How fast do your computers need to be?  How much memory should they have? 

Should you get a 100 megabit network, or should you get a gigabit network?  What is a gigabit network?

These are all questions that a business owner can face when considering his computing needs.  Large companies handle these questions questions fairly easily.  they just tell their IT department to research the question, and present management with a report to decide on.  But the small business doesn't have an IT department to do the research and write a report.  That's where we come in.

We can analyze your business and your data flow, and recommend computing systems to provide increased productivity, and greater profits for your company.  This could be as simple as a visit to your site, and discuss your needs, giving you our recommendations, or as formal as a written and bound report.  We understand business, and business computing needs.  We have the experience, the depth of knowledge, and the range of expertise to provide you with whatever level of service that you need.  We explain our recommendations to you in clear and concise language, with as little computer jargon and acronyms as possible.  The jargon and acronyms that we do use will be fully explained to you.  We are not geeks, but businessmen ourselves, and know that business owners and managers don't know "computerese."  We speak plain English to you, so that you can understand your computer system and your needs.  Contact us, and we can have your business running more smoothly soon.