On-Line (Off Site) Backup

Data backup is critical.  Just about every business has data that it can't do without.  It might by a customer list, an address book, or even more important, the company's bookkeeping data.  This is data that if it got gone, your company would be in trouble.

Through the years, we have backed up to floppy disks, to tapes of various sizes, to hard drives installed just for that purpose, to USB hard drives, and to network storage.  The backup media depends on our needs, and the availability of the media.

Today, with the huge hard drives that we have, the old style of backup doesn't work anymore.  Backing up a 1 TB hard drive, which is increasingly common in today's server, can take over twelve hours, running the backup into your work day, and slowing down your server.  To combat that, Microsoft has developed Windows Server Backup, provided with every server operating system.  This provides block level backup, without the lang backup times.  We backup to another server, to provide backup in a completely different machine.

But what do you do in case of a catastrophe?  What would happen to your business if you had a fire or flood in your office?  If that happened to us, we would be out of business, if we didn't have off-site backup.  We have evaluated the available on-line backup solutions that back up your data off-site.  We have concluded that the best product is iDrive.  Using iDrive, we back up our critical files over the Internet to their servers every night.  iDrive simply works, and works well.  We encourage everyone to try iDrive.  They have a free version that provides 5 GB of data storage, at no cost whatsoever.  If 5 GB is not enough space, then you can buy more storage from them.  The price is reasonable, and is cheap insurance against the disaster that can wipe out all of your data, and you business.  Try iDrive today.