Avast Antivirus Software

avast! Antivirus Software

ProComp Computer Services is pleased to announce that we are now an avast! authorized resellers and are selling the avast! Antivirus product for business use.

Why avast!

Products Offered

avast! Pro Antivirus
If you already have a firewall and anti-spam, you don’t need to pay for them twice. Choose Pro Antivirus to complete your protection.

avast! Internet Security
Stops theft of your personal data, intrusions of your privacy, email scams, viruses, and spyware. A comprehensive solution that also includes all our Pro Antivirus features.
avast! Enpoint Protection
avast! Endpoint Protection
Certified, lightning-fast antivirus for your business. Integrates award-winning antivirus protection for workstations with easy central-management options – customized for small-business needs.
avast! Enpoint Protection Plus
avast! Endpoint Protection Plus
Simple network security with maximum endpoint protection. Integrates award-winning antivirus for workstations, strong firewall and antispam protection, and easy management options, to keep your network safe and efficient.
avast! Enpoint Protection Suite
avast! Endpoint Protection Suite
Full protection for your business in one comprehensive package. It combines the power of st! endpoint solutions with high-performing file server protection and remote management, for easy installation and deployment.
avast! Enpoint Protection Suite Plus
avast! Endpoint Protection Suite Plus
Advanced business security from the makers of the world´s most popular antivirus.